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Redden Construction

          Graphic Design | RFP & SOQ Writing 

When Redden Construction faced a tight deadline to submit a comprehensive 20-page Request for Proposal (RFP) response, they turned to Venn Marketing. Specializing in A/E/C and commercial real estate marketing, our agency met the challenge head-on. Within an urgent five-day timeframe, Venn Marketing drafted and designed a compelling RFP Response that set Redden Construction apart in a highly competitive field. Alongside this, our team produced a versatile Letter of Qualifications tailored for all tenant improvement projects.

Redden Construction Statement of Qualifications design
Redden Construction Request for Price Design


  1. Short Turnaround: Completing a 20-page RFP Response in just five days.

  2. Multi-Faceted Requirements: Both writing and designing a high-quality document.

  3. Reusability: Creating a Letter of Qualifications that could be applied to multiple tenant improvement projects.


  1. Streamlined Processes: Venn Marketing’s seasoned team of writers, designers, and project managers worked around the clock to deliver on time.

  2. Expertise in A/E/C Marketing: Our deep industry knowledge allowed us to communicate Redden’s skills, experience, and value proposition effectively.

  3. Design Excellence: Leveraging our in-house graphic design expertise, we elevated the RFP Response to meet Redden’s high standards.

  4. Future-Ready: Designed a Letter of Qualifications that was modular and easily customizable for different tenant improvement projects.


  1. On-Time Delivery: Completed the RFP Response within the five-day deadline, ensuring Redden Construction could participate in a valuable opportunity.

  2. High-Quality Content: Provided a professionally written and designed document that helped Redden Construction stand out.

  3. Reusable Asset: Created a Letter of Qualifications that has since been repurposed for various tenant improvement projects, yielding considerable time and cost savings for Redden Construction.