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Rosenbaum Realty Group

           Podcast Room + Tech Package

Venn Marketing partnered with Rosenbaum Realty group in Gilbert, Arizona to come up with a all-in-one video content and podcasting studio including decor, soundproofing, hardware, software, and file management. 

The Problem:
Rosenbaum Realty Group needed a push-button podcast studio that could be ready within minutes and operated with minimal production training. The files also needed to be easily stored and accessed. The less time fiddling around, the better!

The Solution: 
Venn created an attractive solution for a simple, soundproofed, and upgradeable podcasting set in the 10×9 room. Utilizing some of the best hardware on the market, Venn utilized the entire RØDE suite of podcasting solutions including the RØDECaster Pro II, Procaster mic, and PSA1+ Professional Studio Arm.

Venn also utilized one Sony – alpha 7 iv and two Sony ZV-E10 vlogging cameras for ultimate color, depth, and scalability.  

The hardware runs through a laptop running open broadcasting software, capturing all three cameras and RØDE audio simultaneously at the click of a button. 

Once the recording is completed, the files are automatically named, processed, and uploaded to a shared Dropbox folder for the video editor to access.